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Returns or Exchanges

  • We thrive in making the best quality products you can buy. Rest assured we examine each product before being shipped/sent as well. Therefore, we do not accept returns or exchanges at this time. That being stated, be cautious when placing an order.

Personal Information

  • Any information entered for purchases will not be shared.
  • Everything will be confidential, rest assured.

Damaged or Broken

  • If an item is DAMAGED or BROKEN, please be sure to shoot us an email within the first 3 days after you receive your item/s along with picture proof and order number. We will work our best to fix this for you.

Shipping Information

  • We ship 4-6 days after order is placed.
  • Your items will be shipped to the address entered during checkout.
  • Be cautious and enter the correct address.
  • We do not offer international shipping at this moment. 

Payment Options

  • We accept all forms of electronic payment.
  • We do not accept in person pick up or sale.

    DISCLAIMER Products Sold by PartimeWorks

    • Our enamel pins are small and do present a choking hazard. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. DO NOT place enamel pins in your MOUTH or allow someone or yourself to swallow pins. The connector within the back of the enamel pins are sharp. Do not use as a toy or weapon, do not poke yourself or anyone else with it. If for any reason a enamel pin is swallowed, immediately call your local emergency, or consult a specialist.