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Smile Now Cry Later (Hot Chocolate Scent) Air Freshener

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Smile Now Cry Later (Hot Chocolate Scent) Air Freshener

Make your carrito smell fabuloso but most importantly make it look fantástico! All original designs, delicately scented.


Approximately: 6cm x 8cm

Hot Chocolate Scented


Disclaimer: Our air freshener are small and do present a choking hazard. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. DO NOT place air freshener in your MOUTH or allow someone or yourself to swallow the air freshener. The air freshener contains a small elastic string that can be a chocking hazard. Do not use as a toy or weapon, do not poke yourself or anyone else with it. If for any reason a air freshener is swallowed, immediately call your local emergency, or consult a specialist.