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PLEASE DO NOT share the link or files with ANYONE else.
Refer below this page for any further questions, doubts, and IMPORTANT disclaimers.
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(Both PartimeWorks & MexiPins, brands are compiled together!
Below are the files pertaining to each merchandise style: 
 Merchandise Enamel Pins & Stickers
Marked down Merchandise;
Regular Stickers  (LINK COMING SOON)

Holographic Stickers  (LINK COMING SOON) 


FAQ (Doubts, Questions, Disclaimers about the catalog and merchandise)
  1. If someone you may know is interested, please contact us first before sharing anything from this page, such as images, items, files, links, etc. We do this to protect our products and to keep everything secure. Or inform them to reach out to us directly! =)
  2. Each list of merchandise will update whenever something new is released
  3. No wholesale prices or files pertaining to wholesale prices will be shared or uploaded to the website for security purposes. Please contact us directly by email or your prefered social media, for prices if they have not yet been provided.
  4. We kindly ask our wholesalers to please NOT REMOVE original packaging from any of our products. We do not appreciate any repurpose of our merchandise. All designs are property of Pavlo M.(Owner) exclusively for PartimeWorks/MexiPins brands.